Hello, I'm Cheesycrocs, though feel free to call me what you like. My art tag is cheesy art and my personal text posts are tagged cheesy talk if you'd like to savior it.

background came from here!

I’m not really creative HEY ITS A CROCODILE for m little dj mascot. but hey it’s different from the one that used to be in my icon; it’s got a scarf u__u

But yeah I don’t show up to those sessions near as much as I should. maybe one day i’ll just sneak my way in, maybe ~*~*~*~

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    SWEET JEBUS YES!!! and Cheesy, we’ve got a sesh going right now! You should join us UuU
  3. chegli said: omg what a CUTIE. i love the colors
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    SQUEAL and look at us up there and so cute oh my gosh! CHEESY >3
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    ah !!!
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